Fair History & Awards

History of the Lee County Fair/Lee Regional Fair 

In 1913, the first Lee County Fair was held “The streets of Sanford in the fall of 1913 were a flamboyant kaleidoscope of color when the carnival forerunner of today’s agricultural fair transformed the dusty pathways into a world of magic.”

The fair fumbled and was discontinued from 1914-1926. The Fair was revived and sponsored by the Sanford Chamber of Commerce in 1927.  The Fair continue until 1930. On August 20, 1931; the following appeared in the Sanford Herald.  “The directors of the Lee County Fair Association have decided not to hold a fair this fall.  It was understood that the fair property was up for sale.”

The Fair was revived in on November 13, 1933.

Since 1937 the Lions Club has sponsored the Fair, on the clubs property on North 7th Street/Colon Road, turning the event into a major project.  All the proceeds from the Fair go to aid the club-sponsored projects in particular assistance to the blind.

The Sanford Lions Club changed the name of the Lee County Agriculture Fair to encompass its new mission of extending its influence to the adjoining counties and now it is called the Lee Regional Fair!  The Club opened its new Pavilion and restrooms to accommodate the expanding programs of the Lee Regional Fair. 

The Sanford Lions Club maintains the emphasis of the Fair with the agricultural exhibits, the antique tractor show and expanded to include a demolition derby and additional pageants.  

Since the Lions Club assumed sponsorship of the Fair and improved the facilities, the Award Winning Lee Regional Fair has become the largest annual event held in the Sanford/Lee County Area.  There is something for everyone.  By attending and participating, you support the many programs for the sight and hearing impaired as well as youth programs sponsored by the Sanford Lions Club.