We Serve is the slogan for all Lions Clubs throughout the world. The Sanford Lions Club is an active group that serves the citizens of Lee County and the surround areas in many ways.
While focusing on services for the blind and visually impaired is first priority, the Lions Club serves in various ways. 
Sanford Lions Club members record thousands of hours of volunteer services each year. They have numerous fund raising efforts which provide the many services offered. A hard working group of local individuals serves unselfishly to provide services that improve the quality of life area citizens.
Vision Screening
Since 2000,  Sanford Lions has assisted Lee County Schools with Vision Screening for preschool children. Club members are thoroughly trained and certified for this work. Forty-five Lions and spouses have completed the training with a 100% passing rate on the exam. Each year more than 300 hours are logged with an average of 630 preschool children being screened. About 6% of those screened are referred to school nurses for additional screening. Starting in 2004 Vision Screening was extended to Kindergarten through 9th grade students. Each year about 7000 students are screened. More than 270 volunteer hours with around 12% of the students referred for further screening.
Vision Van
Utilizing a North Carolina Lions Foundation Van, equipped with sophisticated instruments FREE Screening of local citizens is offered. Each year Sanford Lions Club serve two full days providing vision screening. In N.C.,  more than 50,000 citizens are evaluated each year. 
Aides, for Visual and Hearing Impaired
 The Sanford Lions Club, working with the N.C. Lions Foundation, help make vision and hearing aids available to those who need and cannot afford them. Additional the local club collects between 1500 and 2,000 eye glasses and numerous hearing aids that are evaluated, repaired, and made available FREE to the needy who can benefit from the aids. Working with the local medical community and the Lee County Social Services, local Lions serve citizens identified as being in need of eye exams. Each year approximately $7,500 is spent for this purpose.
In an effort to serve student pursue higher education each year the Sanford Lions Club provides two $500 scholarships for students attending a community college and one $1000 scholarship for a student attending a university.  In addition, we also offer scholarships to our Miss Lee Regional Fair Pageant winners, Miss Lee $1000, 1st Runner Up $750 and 2nd Runner Up $500.  
Community Resource
Facilities owned by the Sanford Lions Club are a community resource. Not only does the club use their buildings and grounds, but they are utilized by others within the community. Numerous baseball and soccer fields are located on the expansive grounds of they Lions. The land is provided FREE, while the fields are equipped and maintained by their respective agencies. The Relay for Life, a major cancer research fund-raiser, is hosted by the Lions FREE each year.
Facilities Rental
Buildings are available for Fund Raisers, Birthday Parties and Family Reunions at reasonable rates. Charitable events may request the waiver of fees. 
Charitable Grants
The Board of Directors of the Sanford Lions Club accepts fielding proposals for charitable work and funds grants as resources are available if the proposal is determined to be critical to the welfare of needy and deserving local citizens.
Special Recreational Opportunities
Each year efforts of the Sanford Lions Club, in cooperation with the Department of Social Services, enable a number of blind or visually impaired individuals to attend Camp Dogwood, a specially designed recreational facility for the blind located in the mountains of N.C. The Sanford Lions Club provide transportation and other expenses for campers. Local Lions also enable local residents who are blind or visually impaired to attend an annual fishing tournament in Mantco, N.C., and working with the Lions Foundation, supports athletic programs at the N. C. School for the Blind.
Boys and Girls Home Support
In partnership with the Lions Clubs from across the state, Sanford Lions Club helped construct and continues to help maintain the Lions Club Cottage at Boys and Girls Home. Each year the local club makes an annual contribution of $1,500 for this worthy cause, Additionally, eight to twelve young boys visit Sanford each Christmas season for educational tours of local industries and the Fire Station. Each boy receives clothing valued at $100 plus a dozen pairs of new socks.
Christmas Cheer
Sanford Lions Club members, again working with the local Department of Social Services, visit needy and deserving blind or visually impaired citizens delivery a $100 gift card. About 40 citizens benefit from this program annually.
Leo Club
Young people learn to serve the community, work in groups, and develop leadership skills by participating in the Sanford Lions Club sponsored Leo Club. Programs that promote international understanding and develop self-esteem and skills needed to live productive, happy, and drug free lives are also supported by Sanford Lions Club.