Vision Screening

Reaching out to Communities to Save Sight


Eighty percent of all visual impairment can be prevented or cured. The first step to prevention is awareness. The second is early detection through vision screening. Around the world, Lions partner with medical professionals and community leaders to screen young children, primary school students, and adults to identify those at risk for vision loss. The venue for Lions’ vision screenings varies from schools, to workplaces, to community health fairs, and the screening methods depend upon the age group. But the results are always the same. Early identification leads to timely referral, professional treatment, and improved or restored sight.

Each year, The Sanford Lions Club and Lee County Schools partner in a health screening call Health-A Rama. Students in kindergarten through ninth grade participate in the health screening. Students are screened in the areas of hearing, vision, height and weight.  Students in K-5th grade will receive dental screening by a specially trained Dental Hygienist during Health-A-Rama.